Criminal Sexual Conduct

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The attorney you hire after any kind of sexual misconduct is skilled at handling the activity that took place, especially if the crime occurred at your place of employment. Attorneys have assisted victims of sexual misconduct in all areas including most types of unwanted advancements.

One thing to keep in mind when you consult with an attorney is that there is a difference between criminal sexual conduct and harassment. Many actions are unwanted and that constitute harassment, but some sexual actions are almost instantly considered a crime. The person who committed the crime can be prosecuted in a court of law to the fullest extent.

The following are a few of the most common types of sexual acts that could result in immediate criminal charges.

The first thing that you need to know is that a criminal sexual act is any act that involves oral or anal conduct without one person’s consent. This person is often the victim of the crime. Third-degree criminal acts are committed in another manner other than incapacitation. If the act occurred by force, then the person could be charged with a first-degree crime.

Forcible touching is another common type of sexual conduct crime. Someone could be charged if they touch another person in an unwanted nature. The touching would need to be on the person’s genitals or other intimate areas of the body in a way that abuses the victim or in a way that gratifies a desire that is held by the person who committed the act. Grabbing or pinching, although seen as minor, are included in acts of forcible touching.

Sexual abuse that becomes persistent can be charged as a crime. Someone would be charged if they continue to touch another person in an unwanted sexual manner for an extended length of time or if there have been more than two similar charges within 10 years of a victim coming forward with claims that the crime has occurred. A sentence would need to be entered in those charges to be charged with persistent sexual abuse.

Any time that there is unwanted sexual contact, then the person committing the act could be charged with sexual abuse. If the crime occurs without the consent of the victim, then it’s usually considered a third-degree crime and a class B misdemeanor. However, if there is any kind of force used during the commission of the sexual abuse, then it’s often considered a first-degree felony.

Unfortunately, criminal sexual conduct acts occur more often than you might expect or know about. There are laws in place that allow those who commit these crimes to be charged to the fullest extent and for victims to receive the proper compensation and justice for the actions that they have endured. An attorney can gather the evidence needed to develop a case that protects your rights against those who have committed sexual acts against you in the workplace.

You need to try to maintain any kind of evidence that you have after the crime occurs so that it can be given to your attorney to craft the best case possible. If you have any written statements or even any videos of the sexual conduct, then these details need to be given to your attorney as a way to show what happened. You should also keep any records of emails, phone calls, or text messages that your attorney can present to the court as a way to prove that the defendant committed the act. Since these acts are considered crimes, you need to alert your local police department as well so that the proper charges can be filed by the court.

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