Does My Employer Have to Offer a Work From Home Option During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Organizations have implemented several strategies to help counter the spread of Covid-19 among the workforce. Some of the key strategies that have been embraced include sensitizing workers to receive coronavirus vaccines, which have helped make the work environment safer. Also, organizations have heightened measures to enhance the cleanliness of workers and the entire work environment. The firms have become committed to providing adequate sanitizers and water and soap supplies to ensure that workers can stay healthy. Working from home as a strategy to counter the spread of the virus proved to be the most effective method of mitigating the spread of Covid-19. The approach has successfully limited contact at the workplace, which is the primary way Covid-19 is passed on from one person to another. Most firms have embraced this strategy for some time, although some call back staff to the offices.

The government has not laid out specific rules on whether employees should continue to work from home or get back to work. The mandate has been left to the leaders and management of respective companies. Some firm needs may necessitate workers to return to offices and commit to other methods to counter the spread of the virus. For this reason, the government cannot provide a single rule regarding where workers should work to avoid compromising company undertakings. However, the government encourages firms to continue using the ” working from home” approach through respective health sectors. This is because the ministry of health has singled out working from home as the most effective approach to counter the spread of Covid-19.

Firms can also arrange to have some workers working from home while others continue working in an office setting. The integration is core in ensuring that firms run effectively based on their specific work needs. However, some careers need the physical presence of staff, and thus the working from the home strategy may not be the best shot for them. For instance, the hospitality department requires the presence of staff to serve and run the hotels and restrooms. There is no way of having these attendants continue with their tasks while away.

The most appropriate strategy to counter Covid-19 is taking other measures to ensure that the environment is clean. Essential methods to create a safe working area include wearing masks properly, washing regularly, and using sanitizers adequately. Also, such sectors can regulate the number of staff reporting. The management should maintain the number at the least level possible to ensure minimal contact within the working environment. A reduced number of workers on-site, alongside other aforementioned interventions, will also ensure that the hospitality sector mitigates the spread of coronavirus.

That said, whether employees continue work from home or report back to the offices depends on the nature of company operations. Some sectors will be more effective if workers are physically present, whereas others stay operational even when working from home. For that reason, if your boss objects to your desire to work from home, it might be for the better functioning of the company. Company heads are not liable to give workers the option of choosing where they prefer to work from. Instead, bosses have the authority to decide the best move for the firm. However, the decision has to take into account the wellbeing of employees, taking necessary safety measures based on where the workers are working from. As long as your boss creates a favorable working environment, it is okay for them to ask you to work from the office. Employees and workers may also agree on how to organize shifts so that people work from home and office interchangeably.

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