Explicit / Implicit Sexual Harassment

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Accomplished Employment Lawyers
The shrewd employment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law are committed to helping victims of work-related sexual misconduct seek compensation for their trials. We excel in various fields of law, with employment and sexual harassment being among a couple. We combine these two areas of expertise to empower victims of workplace gender discrimination. If you’ve been impacted by a hostile work environment, place your trust in our capable hands. We vow to provide you with the justice and restitution that you’re entitled to.

Implicit Vs. Explicit Harassment
Whether indirect or direct, sexual harassment has no place in the workplace. Harassers are manipulative and volatile, meaning they can vacillate between overt and covert behaviors with ease. For the victim, this means being subjected to both blatant sexual harassment and less obvious forms of sexual assault. Though these types of sexual misconduct are vastly different, they’re both unpleasant and can precipitate emotional trauma. Here are some lewd behaviors that constitute both implicit and explicit sexual harassment.

  • Sexually suggestive remarks
  • Sexual teasing
  • Subtle sexual innuendos
  • Sexual storytelling
  • Gifting sexual presents
  • Whistling
  • Sexual coercion
  • Staring
  • Repeated attempts to get together outside the office
  • Sexual advances
  • Groping
  • Fondling
  • Kissing
  • Hugging

One of the most pervasive types of direct misconduct includes quid pro quo harassment. This involves an authority figure incentivizing lower-ranking employees. For instance, offering a promotion or raise in exchange for sexual favors. This immoral approach to business is as unlawful as it is despicable. If you’ve encountered anything like this while at work, consult our legal representatives. At Leeds Brown Law, we ensure that perpetrators don’t get off scot-free. As a result, we promote gender equality in the workplace.

State and Federal Laws That Uphold Justice
In New York, workplace sexual harassment is punishable by law. According to the New York Human Rights Law, sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination and, in turn, in direct violation of gender equality laws. Those found guilty of sexual misconduct in the workplace can be charged in both state and federal court. With that said, the legal consequences are vast and unforgiving.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in keeping with this same ruling. This legislation maintains that sexual harassment and gender discrimination are prohibited in all 50 states. This refers to both implicit and explicit acts of sexual misconduct. However, before pursuing a claim under the Civil Rights Act, you must first file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. This process is exceedingly involved and requires assistance from a legal professional – enter Leeds Brown Law.

Placing Your Trust In Reputable Employment Attorneys
Leeds Brown Law is a seasoned law firm that stops at nothing to squelch gender discrimination. With our know-how and guidance, we provide legal counsel that’s second to none. As your steadfast advocates, we go to great lengths to ensure that justice is restored. Fighting this battle alone will only end in defeat. Enlist our help if you’re looking to receive the compensation you deserve.

Most notably, we promise confidentiality. Some clients are tentative about coming forward with their stories, and we understand their hesitation. It’s for this reason why we practice discretion and make our clients feel safe. Contact us today for your free evaluation and to put an end to gender discrimination in the workplace.

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