Failure to Provide Goods and Services Based on Race

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In the United States, discrimination is a significant issue. There are many different forms of discrimination that affect people every day. One form of discrimination is when someone refuses to provide you with goods and services because of race or religion. This type of conduct violates Title II and Title III civil rights laws enforced by the U.S Department of Justice Civil Rights Division’s Housing Section in coordination with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The following are Instances :
– In 2012, a movie theater in California was sued because they did not provide two African American customers with reserved seating for a film premiere. The theater’s policy stated that the customer could only select their seats one hour before showtime, and it would cost $15 to do so. After waiting until the time of the showing, there were no available seats.
– In 2009, a nightclub in New York City was sued because they would not provide services to Black and Asian women. The club’s manager stated that he did not allow minorities into the establishment. He said that minority patrons were rowdier than other individuals, putting his customers’ safety at risk.
– A hotel in California was sued because they refused to provide a room with one bed instead of two to an African American couple and their son in 2010. The manager stated that he did not allow bookings for more than one person per room unless it was a child under ten years old or in exceptional circumstances. The couple stated that they did not ask for an exception but were told there was no other room available in the hotel because it was booked solid.
– A restaurant in New York City was sued because it refused to provide service to a pregnant woman and her husband in 2010. They had reservations at the restaurant for dinner one night when she started bleeding. They notified the restaurant but were told that they could not be seated until their whole party arrived even though it was only them and a friend who had come to pick them up early.

What to do:
– If you are denied goods or services based on your race, make sure to ask for an explanation of why they will not provide the good or service. This is important to determine if it was a legitimate reason and related to discrimination.
– Write down what happened as soon as possible after the incident. Take note of dates and times, names and job titles, physical descriptions of people involved, and any other facts that establish what happened during the exchange.
– Contact your local or state Human Rights agency to determine if you have a claim against the business under civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination based on race in public accommodations (i.e., hotels, restaurants, retail stores).
– File a complaint with the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if you feel your employer discriminated against you based on race in hiring or firing practices or conditions of employment such as promotion opportunities and wages/benefits.


Failure to provide goods and services based on race is illegal but may be hard to prove. If you have been discriminated against or witnessed discrimination in your community or at work, file a complaint with the relevant agency listed above so that it can be investigated further.
– To determine if an incident was racially charged, do not hesitate to ask the person in charge for an explanation.
– Be aware of all applicable laws when filing a complaint regarding discrimination based on race in public

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