How Much is a Sexual Harassment / Discrimination Case Worth?

Sexual discrimination and harassment can take many forms. There is no single formula available for arriving at the total value of any particular claim. However, it is possible to evaluate the potential worth of a case based on certain factors. It is important to remember that many of these cases are decided in a court. A judge or jury will have the ultimate authority to determine the value of the case.

Legal Considerations in Sexual Harassment Claims

There are federal, state and local laws that can apply to sexual harassment cases. The size of the business will help to determine which set of laws to use. For example, if the employee facing sexual harassment works at a company with fewer than 15 employees, the federal laws will not apply. However, this individual will still have legal recourse at the state and local level.

Determining how to proceed is important, and you will need accurate information. This is why it is critical to involve a qualified and experienced sexual harassment lawyer during the earliest stages of the case. Escalation must proceed in an orderly and well-documented manner. This will help your claim if the case reaches the court. Our legal team can help you to compile evidence and submit complaints correctly. This will strengthen your claim if the case goes to trial.

Evaluating the Worth of Quid Pro Quo Cases

Quid pro quo cases will often involve a situation where there is pressure placed on an employee to provide sexual favors. The trade-off can be either promises for advancements or benefits, but it could also be a way to avoid some kind of punishment. The person capable of inflicting the quid pro quo harassment is in a position of power relative to the victim.

Compensation for this kind of harassment can account for emotional as well as punitive damages. You might be entitled to compensation for lost wages, pension, bonuses, stock options and other benefits. There are some limitations to the type of compensation you can expect, and this depends on the particular legal code. Legal representation is critical when navigating a complex and nuanced legal system.

Can a Claim Include Non-Economic Compensation?

Non-economic damages are awarded when the court finds that emotional damage was inflicted as a result of the sexual harassment. The experience can lead to mental distress to such a high degree that the person is compelled to seek counseling or therapy. The award can help to pay for the costs associated with therapy and healing. In addition, punitive damages can help to serve as a deterrence for future victims. The infliction of harassment is a form of discrimination, and it is illegal in all of its forms. Never hesitate to contact an attorney to help you with the sexual harassment claim.

What Factors Affect the Value of Sexual Harassment Claims?

Experienced sexual harassment lawyers advise that the value of the claim can be estimated based on similar cases that were settled in the past. This kind of valuation method is useful because it takes similar cases and estimates the possible worth of your case. However, every case is unique and will be decided based on its own merits. Tangible financial losses that can be documented tend to play better in the court than cases that are based mostly on emotional damages.

Calculating the value of any sexual harassment case is ultimately speculative, but you can get a general idea based on previous claims. The attorney you choose should have an established history of winning sexual harassment cases. The experience and expertise of a skillful sexual harassment lawyer is invaluable when fighting against a high-profile perpetrator, for example. During the free consultation, the attorney can review the details of your situation and give you some idea about the possible value. Contact Leeds Brown Law for a consultation at no charge.

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