I got Fired for Being Pregnant. What Should I do?

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Finding out that you’re pregnant should be an exciting moment. It shouldn’t be filled with stress that is given off by your employer simply because you learn that you’re going to have a baby and might need to make a few accommodations or take time off in the future after your baby is born. Unfortunately, some employers make the decision to fire employees simply because they are pregnant. However, firing someone after learning about pregnancy is illegal. There are several ways that the law offers protection for you if this occurs. An attorney can discuss the options that you have as well as ways that you could get your job back if that is a decision that you desire.

After talking to an attorney, you’ll discover that there are federal laws in place that state that women who are pregnant are to receive the same type of treatment as other employees who are disabled for a temporary period. This means that pregnant women can’t be fired for the simple fact that they are pregnant. There are a few discriminating acts that are often performed by employers toward women who are pregnant, such as not offering employment, firing employees who are expecting, and decreasing the amount of pay that pregnant women receive.

All women who are pregnant who are working for an employer are to be given the same benefits and treatments as other employees with the business. The benefits that you receive are to be given even after your pregnancy ends as long as you can show that you were violated in some way by the employer. Keep in mind that there is often a short time after you have your baby that you can file a claim, which is why you need to talk to an attorney as soon as something happens.

If you’re pregnant, you need to be granted the same type of leave as someone else who has a medical condition or medical issue that would require time away from work. Your employer cannot ask that you leave your job just because you’re pregnant. You are to be provided with the same accommodations to be able to complete your job as you would have been able to do before you got pregnant and accommodations that are given to other employees while they are performing their jobs.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is one of the laws that you need to remember if you are pregnant and working. This law is one that was a part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and essentially ensures fairness for all employees or businesses where there are at least 15 or more workers. Your attorney can use the details of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act when filing a claim against your employer and when trying to secure damages as a result of being fired or being treated in any other discriminatory manner.

Make sure you maintain records of all conversations that you have with your employer from the time you find out that you are pregnant and inform your employer to the time you are fired if that is the outcome. You need to give your attorney all of this information, especially if there are clear documents about a decrease in pay, an attempt to change your work environment, or the termination of your employment. Once your attorney has these details in hand, then it’s often easier to file a claim against the employer to obtain damages. Sometimes, your employer might not be willing to admit that you were fired because of your pregnancy, but an attorney can piece together the details that you provide in your favor.

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