My Boss Keeps Hitting on Me. Is This Sexual Harassment?

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Even though there have been some advancements in decreasing the number of incidents that involve sexual harassment between employers and employees, there is still a high number that occurs. Some of these incidents go unreported because the victim might feel that no one will believe what is said. By talking to an attorney, you can get the help that you need to file the proper charges against the person who has committed the harassment. Your attorney can ensure that you work in an environment that is free of any kind of harassment.

When you think of sexual harassment, you might not think of it as any type of gender discrimination, but it actually is a type that can be compensated for if it occurs to you in the workplace. If there are numerous sexual advancements or other incidents involving sexual harassment, then you would be working in an environment that is considered hostile in the eyes of the law. If you’re in an environment that feels as though it’s intimidating or if you feel that the statements and actions that are made by your employer are offensive, then the environment would be hostile. One situation that would constitute a hostile environment would be if there are sexual advancements made by your employer that you don’t ask for while you’re in the workplace. In the event that these situations occur, then your employer could be responsible and could even be charged with criminal misconduct and could be responsible for paying damages after a claim is filed.

These aren’t the only issues that you might face while you’re in the workplace. There are actions that aren’t quite as prominently displayed by the employer that are still considered harassment. These include comments that are not appropriate for the workplace and that are about your gender, comments that are of an inappropriate nature about the way that you look, or emails and similar types of communication that include comments that are not appropriate for the workplace.

If there is any kind of action committed by your employer that creates an environment where you feel uncomfortable working or you feel that your ability to complete your work during the day is interrupted, then you can seek assistance from an attorney who can help you file a claim against the employer. Keep in mind that most actions need to be considered severe in order for the claim to be processed and for it to be resolved in court. An attorney who has handled cases of this nature can inform you as to whether your situation is one that could result in a claim that is filed and damages awarded. An example of a hostile work environment that you might be involved in would be if your employer keeps hitting on you, making you feel uncomfortable while you’re working during the day or even after you complete your job but are still on the property.

Title VII is an act that prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace and is often the act that many attorneys refer to when they are trying to file a claim against an employer. This is a statute that will allow you to sue your employer if there is any evidence of sexual harassment that has taken place. It’s important to document every incident that occurs before you talk to an attorney and even if it occurs after you’ve talked to an attorney. Save any emails, letters, or other types of communication that you have received as this can be used against your employer when and if you go to court over the claim that is filed.

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