NYC Disability Discrimination Lawyers

If you have any kind of disability, you are supposed to be treated in the same manner in your workplace as other employees. If there is any kind of treatment that is negative or that prevents you from doing your job with the proper accommodations, then it can be considered disability discrimination. This is a serious charge for the employer who would be held responsible for the actions that are committed. If you have experienced any kind of disability discrimination, you need to consult with an attorney who can inform you of your rights.

You need to know that there are multiple types of disability discrimination that can take place as well as several laws that are in place that offer you protection against these actions that can occur when you’re working. The Human Rights Law and the American Disabilities Act are only two examples of the laws that are in place across state and federal levels that provide protections if you’re disabled and still want to work.

The ADA is an act that offers protection for those who are disabled in workplaces that have at least 15 employees. As an employee, you need to be qualified to work in the business and have a qualifying disability as there are some disabilities that might not be covered under the act. Your attorney will be able to tell you which disabilities are covered and which ones usually aren’t protected because of their severity or because of their impact with how you work in the business.

You need to pay attention to the requirements that are set forth by the ADA as to what a disability is and how you’re protected. There are multiple ways as to how you can show your employer or your local government that you are disabled. One of the common ways would be to show that you have a disability that impacts how you learn or how you interact with other people. Your disability could be one that is mental or one that is physical. However, the disability must impede your daily activities in some way.

Another option would be to show that you have a history of a disability. This is often done by providing documents and information from your physician stating that you do have a disability that impacts how you perform tasks during the day or that you have had the disability before and are still dealing with the side effects. If you can show that you have a disability that is not as significant as others but still impedes your ability to function in a normal manner, then it can be a way to show that you meet the disability requirements of the ADA.

You are also protected if you have a family member who has a disability or if you have another type of relationship with someone who is disabled. Laws prohibit any kind of disability discrimination pertaining to promotions, training, the assignments that are given in the workplace, and hiring. Any kind of harassment is considered a type of discrimination and needs to be handled by an attorney who can file a claim and seek any damages that should be awarded to you because of any pain and suffering that you endure or any loss of work that you incur. Sometimes, the harassment because of your disability can lead to a work environment that is unpleasant and considered hostile. Because of ADA regulations and laws, workplaces are to make any kind of reasonable accommodation in order for employees to comfortably work in any area of the business without the fear of being fired or demoted.

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