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New York City Employment Contract Litigation Attorneys

It is important to carefully review any employment contract with a prospective employer before signing it. Employment contracts can limit your rights and are typically drafted by companies to protect their own interests. Even if you are pressured to sign an employment contract quickly, you should take time to review the contract so that you can consult with an attorney if you have questions.

An employee might be sued by a business for violating the terms of an employment agreement, such as a non-compete clause after their termination of employment. Alternatively, an employee might sue their employer for failing to abide by the terms of an employment contract, such as terminating an employee without following the standards set out in the contract. At the law firm of Leeds Brown Law, our attorneys are proud to represent employees in New York in contract litigation cases against their employers. We make sure that employers do not exercise an unfair advantage over their employees through one-sided employment contracts and treat them fairly.

Defending Employees in Employment Contract Litigation

One of the common claims that employees face from former employers is a violation of their covenant not to compete in an employment contract. A former employer could try to prevent you from working in your industry or for a direct competitor within a certain geographic radius. Typical non-compete clauses in employment contracts also last for a certain period of time.

Your former employer is not permitted to prevent you from earning a living in your chosen field. You can fight back against a suit for a violation of your non-compete clause with the help of a dedicated and skilled employment contract litigation attorney in New York. You may be able to argue that the terms of the non-compete clause were too burdensome to enforce.

Another common claim that arises in employment contract litigation in New York is a wrongful termination suit. An employee could sue a former employer for terminating them against the terms of the employment agreement. Given that the typical employment agreement is drafted by the employer, it is even more troubling when the employer chooses to violate the terms of its own agreement. Even if you were not fired for a discriminatory reason, you may still have a claim for wrongful termination if the employer did not follow its own obligations under an employment contract.

Considerations for Employment Contract Litigation

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit arising from an employment contract, it is important to know the appropriate court where the suit should be filed. You should not delay in speaking with a knowledgeable employment attorney if you are served with a lawsuit or think that you might be. The sooner you start working on your defense strategy, the more prepared you will be to litigate your case.

For any potential claim against your employer that you might have under an employment contract, you should not file a lawsuit without first retaining a reliable employment lawyer. It is helpful for the attorney to have experience in the same jurisdiction where you will be filing your case. The state and local rules for courts make the legal process especially complicated for those who do not have proper training and a background in the law. You do not want to jeopardize your ability to recover based on an employment contract because you did not seek competent legal advice in filing your claim.

Retaining New York City Employment Contract Litigation Attorneys

The dedicated legal team of employment attorneys at Leeds Brown Law is ready to assist with your employment contract litigation matter in New York. Call our office in New York City today at 866-969-1283 to set up an appointment to review your case. We provide a free initial consultation for your employment contract matter.

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