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NY-Based Ethnic Discrimination Attorneys
Discrimination is loosely described as prejudicial actions that are provoked by differences in age, sex, or race. The latter is particularly pervasive and is the catalyst for hostile work environments. At Leeds Brown Law, we don’t tolerate this form of discrimination. In the hopes of providing justice to victims of ethnic discrimination, we seek compensation on their behalf. If you’ve been unfairly targeted because of your ethnicity, our experienced attorneys can help you reclaim your losses. Give us a call today to spark a much-needed change in corporate America.

What Contributes To A Hostile Work Environment?
Offensive comments, unwanted teasing, blatant bullying, and unlawful harassment all contribute to unfavorable working conditions. When these behaviors endure, a hostile work environment is born. As a result, employees struggle with maintaining morale and camaraderie. Most notably, it hinders their ability to pursue professional success.

When the work environment is comprised, it can diminish team spirit, lead to emotional damage, and trigger further harassment. If you believe you’ve been a victim of ethnic discrimination while on the job, take advantage of our trusted legal counsel. Here are some common instances of work-related ethnic intolerance.

  • Derogatory comments that refer to race
  • Demeaning pictures related to ethnicity
  • Racial slurs
  • Pity given to people of a certain race
  • Verbal comments that harp on a person’s ethnicity

It’s important to note that ethnic discrimination extends far beyond the above behaviors. Conduct of this nature is impermissible in the workplace and inevitably leads to confrontation. Members of a particular ethnic background shouldn’t have to apologize for or be made to feel less than because of their lineage. Employ our legal services if you’ve endured this bigoted treatment while at work.

Understanding Your Rights
Several laws forbid ethnic discrimination in the workplace. At the state level, the New York Human Rights Law protects employees. This legislation maintains that acts of ethnic discrimination are punishable by law. Those found guilty of violating this ruling are to be held legally accountable for their illicit actions. Much like the New York Human Rights Law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that harassment of any kind is prohibited by federal law.

Employers and employees who don’t comply with this law will suffer harsher legal ramifications. However, before a claim can be filed at the federal level, you must consult with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These proceedings are intricate, making it prudent to enlist help from a legal professional. If you’ve been on the receiving end of ethnic discrimination, Leeds Brown Law can help. Your free and confidential case evaluation is just a phone call away.

Finding Comfort In World-Class Legal Representation
At Leeds Brown Law, we’re equipped to oversee cases of ethnic discrimination. Between our industry experience and enlightened perspectives, we tackle these matters with grit and perseverance. Our far-ranging capabilities ensure that you reap the benefits of top-notch legal advice. What’s more, our gentle guidance and keen partnership make for an overall smooth process. While the proceedings are underway, you’ll be granted transparency and discretion at every turn.

As practiced employment lawyers, our proficient attorneys promise diligence and precision. Ethnic discrimination cases are delicate at best, but with our courteous and confidential approach, these affairs unfold seamlessly. We offer complimentary consultations to our valued clients, and you can receive yours by giving us a call today. Don’t allow your career to hang in the balance. Touch base with one of our representatives if justice for ethnic discrimination is what you desire.

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