NYC Family and Medical Leave Lawyers

If there are any medical issues that arise in your family while you’re working, you have the right to take any appropriate leave until you are able to go back to work. An example of many workers is maternity leave. If you’re a woman and find out that you’re pregnant while you’re working, there are rights in place that allow you to take the proper amount of time off of work if there are any medical issues that arise during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. There are also rights given to your partner if time off of work is desired or necessary. If you feel that you haven’t received fair treatment while in the workplace, contact a family and medical leave attorney who can ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve as well as any compensation that could be awarded.

Employees are typically protected and can often receive unpaid medical and family leave as well as paid leave. Keep in mind that there are a few differences between the two types of leave. Your attorney can explain the differences that you can expect and what constitutes examples of each type of leave so that you know whether you should take time off from work or not.

the Family Medical Leave Act is an act that started in 1993 and allows for protection for family members who need to take the necessary time off to care for family members. Most of the time, this time off is unpaid. However, you are still protected from losing your job while you’re caring for your family member. An example would be a spouse or partner taking time off of work to care for someone who is pregnant or who just had a baby. Another example would be a child caring for an elderly parent. As an employee who is covered under this act, you can typically take 12 weeks of unpaid leave from your job without any kind of punishment, such as losing your job or being demoted. In order to be eligible to receive this type of care, you must be an employee of the company for at least 12 months and work in a company that has at least 50 other employees.

In 2018, another act was instated that protects those who need to take family leave. The Paid Family Leave ensures that employees who need to take a medical leave can do so under certain medical conditions while still receiving the same pay that they would have received if they were still working. A paid medical or family leave allows for 10 weeks away from work. Reasons why you might request this kind of leave could include having a baby, taking care of a child who is sick, or getting family arrangements in order if someone is called to go on active duty with the military. The number of weeks is expected to increase in 2021 so that families can have longer to provide care when needed and so that employees can care for themselves if they are sick or have other medical conditions that need attention. There are a few requirements that need to be met before you are eligible to receive paid leave. One is that the company must have at least one employee who works longer than 30 days. There are deductions taken from payroll that are then used to pay for the medical leave that is taken. An insurance company will then handle the disbursement of the payments that are made. If you feel that you haven’t been treated fairly by your employer, then contact a family and medical leave attorney who can get you the fair coverage and benefits you need.

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