NYC National Origin Discrimination Lawyers

Your national origin is a critical part of who you are. When your boss, manager or coworkers discriminate against you because of this fundamental trait, it can make the prospect of earning a living far less attractive.

You might think that people would be open to working with professionals from all backgrounds in a diverse place like New York City. Sadly, this isn’t always true, and it’s easy to fall afoul of others’ prejudices. Leeds Brown Law P.C., strives to help you fight back and go from being victimized to enjoying a fulfilling professional experience in NYC.

National Origin Discrimination in Simple Terms

Your national origin encompasses many aspects of your personality. For instance, you might have grown up in another country or as part of a distinct ethnic group. You could speak with a unique accent, eat wonderful traditional foods, take part in special cultural activities or have physical traits that differ from those of your coworkers.

All national origin-based characteristics are protected under the law. In addition to being unfair and immoral, it’s illegal for your company to treat you differently because of these distinctions. Regardless whether you identify as a member of a defined group or just get mistaken for one, the rules clearly state that you should be granted the same rights, accommodations and opportunities as everyone else.

What Does a Biased Workplace Environment Look Like?

Despite the fact that national origin discrimination is outright prohibited by laws like the 1964 Civil Rights Act, many employers seem to have missed the memo. Some individuals simply fail to treat their workers and professional peers fairly. 

Discriminatory actions can take many forms, but they’re almost universally upsetting. For instance, you might find yourself in shock after being subjected to

  • Slurs, epithets or racial comments about your family, native country or background,
  • Work authorization document requirements that your coworkers didn’t have to deal with, 
  • Dismissive comments regarding your race, ability to communicate with clients, accent or cultural practices, or
  • Inappropriate questions about whether you’d be a good fit for the corporate culture.

Discriminatory actions can leave you second-guessing, deeply hurt and confused. Employers may claim they’re instituting English-only rules to accommodate clients yet do so only after you’ve joined the enterprise. Or they might outright deny you employment even though you’re completely qualified to do the work. These kinds of violations are complicated because you need to prove that the company’s actions were based on your national origin and not some other business-relevant motivating factor. Working with a good legal team might be the answer to securing justice and stopping other professionals from being victimized.

Should You Hire a National Origin Discrimination Attorney?

Retaining legal representation could enhance your ability to file a cost-effective, timely case. At Leeds Brown Law P.C., our attorneys routinely come to the aid of discrimination victims by helping them document their claims and teaching them to navigate the dense rules that govern formal complaints. We’re passionate about helping you pursue a civil suit founded on more than mere hearsay. We put your case on solid ground so that you can improve your chances of winning monetary compensation.

State and federal laws work to serve the interests of workers, but they’re imperfect. There’s a high standard of proof associated with national origin discrimination suits, and employers are incredibly likely to push back.

Talk to us about clearing the obstacles and getting your professional life back on course. You may have taken a temporary detour after being discriminated against, but it shouldn’t dictate your entire future. Learn more by reaching out to a Leeds Brown Law national origin discrimination lawyer in New Jersey or New York soon.

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