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Leeds Brown Law: NY-Based Sexual Harassment Attorneys
As a team of proficient, seasoned, and diligent employment lawyers, we at Leeds Brown Law are committed to upholding justice in the workplace. This notion rings especially true when it comes to occupation-related sexual harassment. Unfortunately, lewd behavior runs rampant in the workplace. If you’ve been ill-treated because of your gender, employ our services.

With our legal representation, we seek to furnish our clients with fair compensation for any sexist treatment they endured while at work. We cover a wide variety of sexual harassment cases, making us equipped to tackle any instances of gender discrimination. If you reside in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, take advantage of our services. Contact us today for your free and confidential case evaluation.

What Constitutes Sexist Behavior?
Sexists often plead ignorance when it’s time to take responsibility for their sordid actions. It’s not uncommon for perpetrators to play the victim in these situations. With that said, it’s all the more important for the actual victims to have a team of informed professionals in their corner – enter Leeds Brown Law.

When it comes to identifying sexual harassment in the workplace, one overriding question comes into play: were you unjustly targeted because of your gender? If the answer is yes, you could be eligible for sexual harassment compensation. Our attorneys will delve into the entrails of your case, pinpointing occasions when sexual misconduct occurred.

More often than not, sexual harassment masquerades as benevolent sexism. This sugar-coated ideology refers to gender discrimination that appears positive. While this theoretical framework sounds innocuous, it’s still a form of sexist behavior. However, that doesn’t deter colleagues or employers from claiming that their remarks were ambivalent. When these unsavory practices are used, it’s time to enlist our help. We’ll ensure that these tactics don’t reap any fruitful results.

Knowing How You’re Protected
New York state laws maintain that all occurrences of gender discrimination are upheld and considered in a court of law. Depending on the type of sexist behavior that was displayed, it may be determined that the suspect violated the New York Human Rights Law. In such instances, harsher consequences are enforced.

If you believe that you’ve been unfairly treated based on your gender, it’s imperative that you seek legal counsel. With our expertise and thorough approach, we guarantee proven results that are in our clients’ best interests. Some areas we look at include discrimination against an individual in privileges of employment, compensation, and terms of employment. Make Leeds Brown Law your first port of call when sexist behavior rears its ugly head.

Combat Gender Discrimination With Our Sought-After Services
In our experience, we find that victims of sexual harassment are ashamed to exact justice. We aim to eliminate these baseless feelings and correct the wrongs of sexism. If you’re unsure if you’ve been subjected to sexual misconduct, allow us to shed some light on the matter. Our know-how ensures that we tend to these affairs delicately and with expert precision.

We’re dedicated to instilling justice in the workplace. It’s for this reason why we go to great lengths to squelch job-related sexism. The dynamics of work-affiliated gender discrimination are complicated at best. With our guidance, we make these matters look easy. Sexist behavior has no place in the work environment, and it definitely shouldn’t be tolerated. Your free consultation is just a phone call away, and we honor confidentiality at every turn. Help us help you by making us your go-to legal source during sexual harassment cases.

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