Sexual Advances From Supervisors

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal under city, state and federal laws. The specifics of the case will determine how you should proceed, and this is why it is always imperative that you seek legal assistance as early as possible. These cases can become complicated by a variety of nuances. Legal representation is critical when navigating the legal system, and Leeds Brown Law has the experience and expertise to tackle even the most difficult cases. We serve clients in the areas around New York City. This includes the surrounding counties as well as Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Sexual Advances and Power Dynamics

Sexual advances from supervisors constitute an abuse of power. The unequal relationship between an employee and a supervisor prohibit the existence of informed consent. This is even more apparent in cases where the employee directly demands that the supervisor stop the offensive behavior. Joking and minimizing the experience of harm are common, but the legal case becomes even stronger if the behavior persists even after all internal remedies have been exhausted.

The employee might report the abusive behavior to the human resources department, for example. This documentation can be used to establish the fact that internal avenues of redress were exhausted. Additionally, the employee may have to file an EEOC complaint if the company has over 15 employees. Our law firm can help you to correctly navigate the legal system in order to build a strong case that can prevail in a court of law.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The sexual harassment can be a traumatizing experience on an emotional level, but it often inflicts serious financial harm as well. Harassment comes in many forms, and it can include verbal harassment as well as physical contact. This can also include something known as quid pro quo harassment. In this situation, the employee is pressured to submit to sexual advances in exchange for some kind of benefit.

However, this can also apply in situations where the sexual favor is expected in order to prevent the perpetrator from inflicting some sort of punishment. The common trait of the sexual harassment is that it is unwanted attention, and the victim is often unable to stop it from happening by making direct attempts or even by filing complaints with the appropriate authorities.

Types of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted attention with an explicitly sexual quality. This can manifest as physical or verbal abuse. Examples include direct requests for sexual activities in exchange for some kind of reward. It can also include sexual jokes and comments that are repetitious and intended to create a hostile work environment. The harassment can also affect witnesses as well. If you have witnessed sexual harassment of a co-worker by a supervisor, you might also be able to take legal actions.

Always consult with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer before proceeding on a course of action. We can help you to avoid the common pitfalls that happen when bringing sexual harassment claims against a supervisor. Some of these perpetrators might be repeat offenders, and this means that they are fully aware that they’re breaking the law. Protect yourself by getting legal assistance as soon as possible.

Contact Leeds Brown Law Firm

Our experienced legal team can help you to navigate the legal system effectively. This can include obtaining the type of documentation that will help to build your case. Many employers and supervisors understand the law, but they have a sense of impunity. To challenge them in court is to confront an ingrained pattern of behavior in many cases. This can be extremely difficult, so it is critical to have a qualified and supportive legal team on your side. We fight aggressively to protect your rights under the law. We can help you to document each incident and recruit witnesses from your trusted co-workers. Contact us as soon as possible to get the best results. We offer a free consultation.

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