Sexual Assault in the Fashion Industry

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New York City is a magnet for aspiring talent. The fashion industry is huge, and many young women and men are attracted to the city in the hopes of establishing a legitimate career as a runway or magazine model. However, the sexual assault that occurs in this industry is equally enormous.

Powerful men within this business often seek to exploit the ambitions of young, attractive women. This is a common dynamic within the fashion industry; however, young male models are increasingly subjected to similar abuses. Effective legal representation is necessary when dealing with powerful people who often have their own legal team to fight against charges of sexual harassment and assault.

Deterrence in Reporting Assault

This business fosters a culture that accepts predatory conduct by powerful individuals. These people are accustomed to holding the lifeline of others in their hands. Victims of sexual assault in the fashion industry are often reluctant to report the abuse. They often fear retaliation, which includes the devastating blackball effect as well as outright termination of employment. Even though these are illegal acts, many industry leaders will still engage in acts of harassment, assault and retaliation. If you face this situation, it is critical to have an effective legal team on your side.

Sexual Assault and the Fashion Industry

Legal professionals understand the difficulties that are involved when holding perpetrators accountable in the fashion industry. Sexual assault can be extremely traumatic on an emotional level, but financial damages are also involved. This industry relies on social networking to advance, and individuals who are unwilling to tolerate sexual assault often experience retaliation. Being fired is a common experience. However, it is possible for you to recover some of the financial losses if you have an experienced legal team on your side.

Recovering Damages, Sexual Assault Claims

Sexual assault lawyers can help you to recover from this career setback. The financial loss can be substantial, so the court can consider a variety of factors when determining an award amount. This can include consideration for the complete compensation package, which includes lost wages and benefits. The court also has the option of lowering the award amount if the victim of sexual assault fails to minimize the total amount of the losses by seeking another position with similar pay rates and benefits.

Employee, or Independent Contractor?

Contract employees are often treated differently in legal cases. However, there are also cases where misclassification of the worker occurs, and this is another common feature of the fashion industry. If you are a treated legally as an independent contractor, but your employer exercises complete control over your work schedule, you could be misclassified. The sexual assault case can reflect this difference when it comes to determining the total amount of the damages.

Victims of sexual assault are entitled to anti-discrimination protections even after signing a contract that waives certain rights. In many cases, these contracts are non-enforceable because the employer treats the worker as an employee. However, the specific situation you face could contain a variety of nuances and variables. This is an important topic to discuss with your sexual assault lawyer during your free consultation.

New York City, Fashion Industry Abuse

The city of New York is infamous for the problems encountered by models who are subjected to sexual assault as a matter of routine. The anti-discrimination laws are still catching up in an attempt to meet the scale of the problem. Agencies, photographers, retailers and designers must comply with the new laws that protect models from sexual harassment and assault. These laws were carefully crafted to protect both employees and independent contractors.

Leeds Brown Law

Our firm is fully capable of handling cases involving powerful industry players in New York City. We have a long track record of winning claims against perpetrators of sexual assault in the fashion industry as well as other industries. We serve the region around New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and other surrounding areas. Contact our office for a free consultation.

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