Sexual Assault in the Workplace

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Leeds Brown Law: Seeking Justice For Victims Of Sexual Assault
Though the workplace is presumed to be a professional setting, unethical situations often unfold behind the scenes. Sexual assault is one such form of immoral misconduct. When colleagues and employers display these patterns of sexual harassment, legal action is warranted. No one should have to endure sexual assault, and crude behavior is particularly unacceptable in an office environment.

Identifying Sexual Assault
While there’s no clear-cut definition of sexual assault, you know it when you see it. When someone else infringes on your personal space in the form of hugging, kissing, touching, or groping, these are signs of sexual assault. However, it goes beyond the physical realm.

Sexually suggestive remarks are considered sexual assault as well. When these behaviors go unchecked, it can lead to more severe circumstances. Rape is one such potential outcome of allowing sexual assault to run rampant in the workplace. Whether you’ve endured verbal, written, visual, or physical forms of sexual assault, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to speak with one of our representatives about your next course of action.

Sexual Assault Promotes Hostile Environments
When the aggressor’s advances go ignored, he or she can become volatile. In most cases, the perpetrator feels invalidated and small. As a result, they become even more belligerent in hopes of manifesting their superiority. These actions contribute to a hostile work environment.

Combatting these behaviors is made possible with our assistance. You shouldn’t have to bear witness to these childish acts, and you certainly shouldn’t be a pawn in these games. If you’re ready to seek justice and put an end to work-related sexual assault, we urge you to consult our legal professionals. With their knowledge, understandings, and courteous approach, you’re promised premier solutions with confidentiality to boot.

Holding The Appropriate Party Accountable
When instances of sexual assault arise, it’s in your best interest to take these matters to your superior. If your superior is the one instigating the sexual assault, your employer is the one you should talk to. If your employer neglects to correct the situation, they’ll be liable if the case goes to court.

The victim’s safety should always take precedence, and negligence will only beget any stress that they’re facing. With that said, if your efforts are proving fruitless, our intervention can help. We’ll ensure that the sexual assault comes to a halt and that the offender is held accountable for their actions. What’s more, we’ll see that your employer suffers consequences for their carelessness.

Contact Our Attorneys For Guidance
The shame and frustration that accompany sexual assault can be overwhelming. At Leeds Brown Law, we understand how delicate these affairs are. It’s for this reason why we offer an unparalleled level of compassion when partnering with clients. In doing so, our customers feel heard, valued, and validated.

As seasoned employment lawyers, we know what it takes to instill justice in the workplace. If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault and are having difficulty receiving the protection you deserve, we’re at your disposal. We represent clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County, and we’re happy to take on your case.

There’s no sense in braving these challenging matters alone, and with our expertise and guidance, we bring our clients peace of mind. Leeds Brown Law is a company you can count on, and we take pride in our proven results and glowing client testimonials. To receive your complimentary case evaluation, contact us today.

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