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At Leeds Brown Law, we regard misconduct in the workplace as intolerable. Sexual bribery, which falls under the umbrella of sexual harassment, is one form of discrimination that’s deplorable. Especially in professional settings.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual advances in the office, enlist the help of our legal professionals. Backed by decades of industry experience, we’re well read in these affairs. For quality representation and premier legal counsel, look no further than Leeds Brown Law. Receive your complimentary case evaluation today when you give us a call.

What Is Sexual Bribery?
In short, sexual bribery consists of a mutually beneficial relationship between an employee and employer in which sexual favors are granted in exchange for professional advancements. For instance, offering sex in hopes of gaining a promotion. While this approach to executive success is wholly dishonorable, this practice is prominent in the workplace.

For some, they feel this tactic is necessary in order to ascend through the ranks. Moreover, superiors may suggest that sexual favors are a surefire way to expedite professional achievements. Regardless of who initiated the deal, sexual bribery is impermissible. Employees should come by their triumphs respectfully, and they should never feel pressured to engage in sexual relations to succeed.

Examples Of Sexual Bribery
The most common form of sexual bribery includes sexual acts that are fueled by incentives. When employers allude to the fact that success accompanies sex, it’s sexual bribery. In some cases, sexual bribes lurk in the shadows. In other words, they’re implied or suggested indirectly. It’s for this reason why it’s crucial to understand what sexual bribery is. As a result, it becomes easier to identify, and the aggressor doesn’t get away with behaving so immorally.

If you withhold sex, and your superior starts treating you unjustly, this is still sexual bribery. This level of petulance goes unchecked in the workplace, and it generally compounds self-righteous behaviors. With our guidance, we’ll ensure that you’re compensated for enduring instances of sexual harassment. Given how difficult it can be to pinpoint sexual bribery, assistance from a legal professional is warranted. Give us a call today to learn more about our employment-related sexual harassment services.

New York Law Protects Against Sexual Bribery
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 expressly states that sexual harassment is prohibited in the workplace. Similarly, the New York Human Rights Law maintains that work-affiliated gender discrimination is unlawful. Though the law protects victims of sexual bribery, it’s critical to keep a record of all sexual misconduct.

These accounts will prove handy when seeking justice. Unfortunately, these occurrences generally aren’t witnessed by a third party. With that said, it’s your word versus the perpetrator’s retelling of events. You can lose credibility if your pleas aren’t backed by facts. Our attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation. During the process, we’ll make inquiries into your case using our thorough approach.

Employ Our Trusted Services
Facing the degradation of sexual harassment shouldn’t be soldiered alone. More importantly, it can be challenging to get recompense if you lack the necessary knowledge. At Leeds Brown Law, we represent our clients with unmatched care, concern, and support.

To receive the best possible outcome, professional intervention is required. We advocate for you at every turn and address these matters delicately. We realize that you’re grappling with a tough issue, and we aim to instill understanding and compassion into these unfavorable situations. For your free and confidential consultation, give us a call to speak with one of our representatives.

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