Sexual Comments

Putting An End To Workplace Sexual Misconduct
For over three decades, we at Leeds Brown Law have been working towards creating professional environments that are sans sexual harassment. As established NYC employment lawyers, we’re equipped to tackle various cases of work-related sexual assault. One form of sexual harassment that often goes overlooked is sexually suggestive remarks.

Sexual comments can be subtle, blatant, direct, or inexplicit, making it both simple and challenging to identify lewd remarks. This behavior is impermissible in the workplace and shouldn’t go unchecked. If you’ve been the butt of sexual jokes or comments, employ our services. We offer discretion and treat these matters with careful consideration. Contact us today for your free and confidential evaluation.

Understanding Sexual Comments
Sexual comments are wide-ranging and cover varying subject matters. Most importantly, these remarks are unsolicited and aren’t conducive to a harmonious work environment. If you’re having trouble identifying a sexual comment, here are some of the most common instances of crude behavior.

  • Whistling
  • Catcalling
  • Sexual teasing
  • Sexual gestures
  • Vulgar images
  • Crass language
  • Sexual references
  • Opinions on sexual fantasies
  • Unwarranted advice on dressing provocatively
  • Derogatory terms
  • Unwelcome sexual anecdotes

If you’ve been exposed to any of the above, you’ve been a victim of sexual comments. We understand how demeaning it is to endure this sexual assault. It’s for this reason why we seek justice for those who have been wronged. With our expert guidance and tried-and-true methods, we deliver proven results that stop gender discrimination in its tracks. Speak with one of our trusted legal representatives to receive the protection and compensation that you deserve.

Laws That Protect You From Sexual Comments
There are numerous state, federal, and local laws that protect employees from sexual misconduct. Those who make sexual comments at work are in direct violation of the New York Human Rights Law and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These legislations state that those who uphold this unlawful behavior are liable to suffer legal ramifications. In other words, if you don’t act in accordance with these laws, a lawsuit can be filed against you.

At Leeds Brown Law, that’s precisely what we intend to do. Sexual comments are highly inappropriate in professional settings, and they often create hostile environments. As a result, the victim is belittled and often strong-armed into playing along. If you feel helpless and are desperate for fair representation, allow us to help. Our high success rates bespeak our merit, and we’d be happy to help you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

Consult Our Professionals For Trusted Counsel
Legal affairs are intricate at best. If you lack the necessary know-how, navigating these waters can prove a daunting task. Fortunately, we instill convenience into otherwise complicated matters. Best of all, we promise compassion at every turn. These situations are sensitive and demand empathy. Our attorneys demonstrate both of these qualities and, in turn, make our clients feel understood and supported.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to fight back against sexual comments, look no further than Leeds Brown Law. We’re exceedingly adept at our trade and are backed by many years of experience. Your free case evaluation is only a phone call away. When it comes to workplace injustice, you shouldn’t take it lying down. Allow us to be your reliable advisors as we give you your hope and freedom back.

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