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In most situations, it’s exciting to receive gifts. However, when those gifts are of a sexual nature or are considered sexual harassment because of what they are, then it can be an uncomfortable experience. It’s also an experience that warrants a visit to an attorney who can help you file a claim against the person who gave you the gift so that the proper damages can be awarded if there are any to be given and so that justice can be entered in the court. Sexual gift giving is prohibited by a component of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 called Title VII. There are also state laws and regulations that recognize giving gifts that are of a sexual nature as harassment.

When you talk to an attorney about sexual harassment, you’ll learn that there are two types or components that comprise the charge. One is considered a quid pro quo request. This means that your employer or a co-worker asks for a sexual favor in exchange for advancement in the workplace or another benefit, often one that you might need at the time. Another component of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. This is often created when there have been multiple instances of receiving sexual gifts or after there have been multiple comments made that are of a sexual nature. Sometimes, an instance that is severe in nature could warrant a sexual harassment claim, but a thorough investigation usually needs to be completed.

The act of giving a sexual gift can often satisfy either requirement pertaining to sexual harassment charges. An example would be if your employer gave you a gift at a holiday party that included lingerie or even a sex toy along with a note asking that you perform a sexual favor in exchange for a raise in your salary. This would be a quid pro quo situation. A few of the other gifts that could be considered sexual in nature include jewelry, fragrances, and some types of cosmetics.

If you begin receiving multiple gifts from the same person, then this would be considered creating a hostile work environment. It’s an action that often leads to you feeling uncomfortable while being in the workplace. As long as you let the person who gave you the gifts know that you don’t want them, then any steps that are taken beyond that conversation are grounds for sexual harassment if the person continues to give you gifts or makes any kind of advancements. Make notes with the dates that you receive those gifts along with copies of any written details pertaining to the gifts so that you can give the details to your attorney. This information can then be presented in court in order to charge the person who gave you the gifts with sexual harassment. Sometimes, harassment can be considered a criminal charge, which is a detail that your attorney can discuss with you as well as police officers who get involved with the activity.

If there is a relationship between an employee and employer or between two co-workers, then there can be awkward times if the relationship were to come to an end. Sometimes, one person might decide to try to give sexual gifts or gifts in general to the other person in order to get back together. This could be considered sexual harassment as well, especially if the person who receives the gifts tells the other person that they are not wanted or that there is no desire to be in a relationship. At times, the person who commits the harassment can be charged with a state or federal crime depending on the circumstances.

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