Sexual Harassment at the Gym

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Whether you live or work in the city, you have the right to visit a public location without being harassed. There are laws in place that prevent discrimination of a sexual manner in areas that include gyms and fitness centers. Examples of types of harassment that you’re protected against include threats, any acts of violence, and any kind of intimidation that appears to have some motivation based on your gender or the gender that you identify with, even if you were assigned a different gender at birth. While visiting a gym or fitness center and encountering this kind of sexual harassment, you can consult with an attorney who can advise you of the options that you have so that you can make the best decision as to whether or not you want to file charges against the person who harassed you.

One act that protects you from sexual harassment while you’re at a gym is the Human Rights Law. This is a law that prohibits any kind of unwanted touching or other types of intimidation that are based on your sexual orientation or gender identification. This is only one type of discrimination in a public setting. Another type of discrimination in a public setting would involve the gym that you’re visiting failing to provide the same types of services and goods that other customers are using simply because of your gender or gender identity.

It’s possible to file a claim if there is one incident of sexual harassment at a gym that occurs, but it would need to be a significant event for the court to do something about what took place. Most of the time, you would need to be involved in several incidents of sexual harassment while visiting the gym or even multiple gyms in the city in order for any claim to be filed, documented, and upheld in court. Some of the things that could warrant harassment while you’re at the gym include images that appear to be derogatory against a certain gender, jokes that are told, unwanted advances, or gestures that are made in your direction that make you feel uncomfortable. The severity of the harassment will often determine the type of damages that you could receive and even the type of claim that is filed by your attorney. If the severity is significant, then your attorney will usually be able to seek more damages than if it were a minor incident that only occurred randomly or one time.

An example would be a gym that is sued for harassment because of an employer making jokes and slurs about a man who entered who was gay. The man who was at the gym used the equipment at the facility in the proper manner, but the employer made a remark about the man being disgusting simply because he appeared to be someone who was gay. When the man attempted to leave the gym after being made to feel uncomfortable and threatened, another employee watched as the activity took place and did nothing to stop it from happening.

Some of the charges that the man filed included battery, assault, and emotional distress because of how he felt while others in the gym were watching the events unfold. Unfortunately, the incident was not enough to show that harassment had occurred because it only happened one time. However, if the man had been harassed in the same manner each time that he visited the gym, then he would be able to file a claim. As soon as you feel threatened in any way or feel uncomfortable while you’re in a gym, you need to contact the proper authorities and an attorney who can begin documenting each incident and who can file the proper paperwork to bring a claim against the gym.

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