Sexual Harassment by a Co-Worker

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Leeds Brown Law: Legal Representation You Can Rely On
Workplace misconduct is both ill-advised and incongruous with a healthy work environment. When sexual harassment is evident, it makes circumstances even more hostile and inappropriate. At Leeds Brown Law, we’re dedicated to empowering employees who’ve been victims of sexual assault while on the job. Sexual harassment by a co-worker is one form of gender discrimination that’s wildly prevalent in the workplace. If you’ve been wronged by your peers and are seeking quality legal representation, consult one of our trusted legal advisors.

Identifying Co-Worker Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment comes in many forms. When a colleague is making sexually suggestive remarks or displaying lewd behavior, you can be sure that this is sexual assault. The perpetrator will likely allege that there was no ill-intent to their conduct. When this happens, it’s their way of absolving themselves of any guilt. Harassers are inherently manipulative, making it all the more important to seek legal counsel when these matters surface.

At its core, sexual harassment includes any unwanted physical or verbal contact that alludes to sexual relations between you and the aggressor. “Quid pro quo” harassment is perhaps the most common type of sexual misconduct in the workplace. A classic example includes a superior offering their subordinate an incentive in exchange for sexual favors. More often than not, individuals who are at the helm of a company use their elite status to coerce lower-ranking employees into performing sexual duties. To develop a better understanding of what constitutes co-worker sexual harassment, review these most common signs of sexual misconduct.

  • Sexually explicit language
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Intimate contact
  • Infringing on personal space
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Sharing sex stories
  • Commenting on sexual fantasies
  • Voicing opinions on sexual preferences
  • Blatant threats
  • Indirect sexual teasing

How Are You Protected?
Under both state and federal law, gender discrimination is impermissible in the workplace. Sexual harassment is considered gender discrimination because it involves unjust treatment based on an individual’s gender. The New York State Human Rights Law upholds that violators of this conduct are at risk of suffering the legal consequences. Moreover, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids sexual misconduct in professional environments. Those who don’t comply with this ruling are liable to face federal charges. If you believe that a co-worker or authority figure has breached these legislations, enlist our help.

File Your Claim With Assistance From An Experienced Employment Lawyer
No two sexual harassment cases were created equal. Fortunately, we’re armed with years of experience and extensive industry insight. It can be challenging to defend yourself in a court of law without the necessary knowledge. It’s for this reason why we urge victims of sexual harassment to partner with us in the hopes of receiving their deserved compensation. If you opt not to avail yourself of our services, the perpetrator is likely to evade the long arms of the law.

If deep-seated shame and humiliation are holding you back, find comfort in knowing that we practice discretion at every turn. Our case evaluations are confidential, and we place your best interests at the forefront of what we do. We serve as your fervent advocates as the process unfolds, and while developing your case, we keep you involved. Transparency and diligence are at the heart of our operations, and we take pride in this noble work ethic. Give us a call today for your free consultation.

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