Sexual Harassment by Massage Therapists

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Sexual Harassment Claims Against Massage Therapists

While getting a massage is meant to calm and relax you, some massage therapists unfortunately use inappropriate techniques and may subject you to sexual harassment. You do not have to endure this type of unwelcome and inappropriate behavior by massage therapists in New York City. You may have a claim for sexual harassment against a massage therapist and can collect damages for the humiliation and discomfort you endured. The knowledgeable and experienced legal team at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. represents clients who have been harassed or violated by massage therapists in New York City.

Protections Against Sexual Harassment by a Massage Therapist in New York City

The New York City Human Rights Law protects all persons from discriminatory practices, including sexual harassment. You do not have to be confined to your workplace to have a valid claim for sexual harassment in New York City. Public establishments, such as massage parlors or salons, are included in this law prohibiting sexual harassment against patrons.

If you believe that you have been refused service based on your gender or were subjected to derogatory comments by an employee or owner of a massage service company in New York City, you may have a claim for sexual harassment. Being charged more for a service or told that you are not welcome in an establishment because of your gender are also grounds of a discrimination claim in New York City. Both women and men are protected by the New York City Human Rights Law from sexual harassment.

In addition to the New York City Human Rights Law, customers who are harassed by massage therapists may also be able to recover damages on New York common law grounds. An experienced and competent New York sexual harassment lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and inform you of all of your bases of recovery. Filing a lawsuit could mean that you are eligible to receive damages on a variety of grounds for the harassment you experienced. The business may also be forced to stop its operations and otherwise address the sexual harassment if it is a pervasive business practice.

One way that some victims of sexual harassment receive additional damages on a successful civil claim is by showing that they suffered emotional pain and damages as a result of the sexual harassment. You would need to file a claim for emotional distress with your civil suit to seek damages based on the humiliation, psychological damage, stress, lifestyle changes and other issues you suffered from the sexual harassment.

A common form of harassment that victims of massage therapists endure is unwanted or forceful touching. If you experienced that behavior from a massage therapist, you may also have assault and battery claims against the massage therapist and/or the company. This could also lead to a criminal investigation and case against the massage therapist and/or the company.

Even if a massage therapist is not subjected to criminal charges as a result of unwanted behaviors, you may still be able to recover damages in a civil case. The bar for proving criminal guilt is much higher than what a victim needs to put forth in a civil case to recover damages against the perpetrator. This is why you should consider meeting with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer even if your situation was not prosecuted in the criminal system.

Your Sexual Harassment Claim Against a Massage Therapist

Reach out to the experienced sexual harassment legal team at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. right away if you have been the victim of sexual harassment by a massage therapist. We will give you a free initial case evaluation and start planning your strategy to file a claim for sexual harassment. Call our office today at 866-728-5015 to get started with your free initial case evaluation for a sexual harassment claim against a massage therapist.

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