Sexual Harassment in Hospitals

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Sexual abuse and harassment of patients in hospitals is shockingly common. Thousands of doctors in the U.S. have been reprimanded or sanctioned for abusing patients sexually. However, most offenders were able to keep their licenses and continue practicing in medical settings even after they were found to have committed serious ethical violations by engaging in harassment or sexual abuse.

Most of the cases of doctors abusing patients are kept secret for long periods of time. Even in cases where a long time has lapsed, the patient may be able to file criminal or civil charges against the perpetrator. Our law firm has experience handling cases of sexual harassment at hospitals, so you can turn to us for expert advice on how to proceed and win your case in court. We serve clients in the areas around New York City, and this includes Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the county areas.

Refusal of Service, HRL in NYC

Refusal of service is also illegal under the Human Rights Law of New York City. Medical clinics are required by law to offer the same level of accommodation to every member of the public regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or other protected status. Sexual harassment of any patient is a serious offense, and it impairs the ability of the harmed individual to enjoy equal protection under the law. If you were denied reasonable accommodation based on gender, sexual orientation or identity, you might have a legal claim. Legal assistance is invaluable when pursuing these cases in court.

Hospitals and Sexual Harassment Claims

Hospital administrators can be held liable for violations of the law that occur on the hospital premises. This includes the responsibility of the hospital to hire ethical employees who have a clean background that is free of previous violations. The law also requires hospitals to take action against doctors if there was a complaint of sexual harassment in the hospital. Patients who experience sexual harassment in a hospital are often emotionally traumatized by the event because they tend to trust medical professionals to a higher degree than other members of the general public.

The employer can be found liable for the actions of the doctors, support staff and others who operate under their authority. Negligent retention is one example of this liability. This means that the hospital knew that a physician had a history of committing sexual abuse but was hired anyway. Liability is also present if the hospital administrators knew about the abuse but failed to take appropriate actions. Any action that prevents the patient from having equal access to medical care is a violation of the law. Doctors have the responsibility to refrain from violating these laws, and this includes denial of care as a retaliation for refusing unwanted sexual advances.

Legal Claims in New York City

Leeds Brown Law is an experienced team of legal professionals, and we are fully aware of the legal problems that confront patients who experience sexual harassment in a hospital setting. It is important to remember that these organizations often have internal policies that may contribute to the incident. If they are challenged in a court, they can use significant resources to fight the case. This requires patients to have effective and aggressive legal representation. We can help you decide on a course of action during every stage of the process.

Documentation and proof of harm can help to substantiate your claim and strengthen your case in court. Awards and punitive damages can also help to prevent others from having to undergo this harrowing, unpleasant experience. Our legal professionals have a long track record of handling sexual harassment cases against hospitals and medical professionals who violate the law and their own code of ethics. The best outcomes occur when you take action immediately following the event. Contact the office of Leeds Brown Law today, and make an appointment for a free legal consultation.

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