Sexual Harassment in Retail Stores

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Workers in any type of public setting are not allowed to say or do anything that would indicate that they are trying to deny a customer any kind of service based on the person’s race, weight, or other characteristics. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a type of discrimination that can be against a customer’s gender. In the event that you were sexually harassed while at a retail store, you can contact our law office to speak with an attorney who can walk you through the steps of the options that you have and what to expect when you go to court.

One of the important details that you need to remember about retail stores is that they are considered a public location. This means that as a customer in a retail store, you are entitled to fair accommodations without feeling as though you are being sexually harassed while you are in the store. Even if you are a visitor in the city and decide to enter a retail store, you are still protected against sexual harassment.

There are a few different components involved in sexual harassment. You could be intimidated, coerced, threatened, or receive remarks against you that are derogatory. You could also be on the receiving end of violent acts that are of a sexual nature. Any of these acts that are motivated based on your sexual identity can be considered sexual harassment in a retail store. You could also be the victim of jokes about your sexual orientation or your gender as well as the recipient of sexual jokes or images that you didn’t request.

You could be the victim of sexual harassment if the discrimination has occurred over a long period of time or if it only happens when you visit a retail store one time. One example of a single incident would be being raped by an employee at the retail store while you’re in the dressing room. You likely wouldn’t go back to the store because of the incident. It would then be important for you to seek assistance from an officer or an attorney who can file charges against the employee or even the store. An example of repeated incidents would be if you were to go to a retail store throughout the week or month and continue being told jokes or being called names based on your gender or sexual orientation.

Keep in mind that the severity of the sexual harassment incident will often determine the type of claim that you have and the damages that you attorney can try to recover when you go to court. If it was an isolated incident but one that was violent, such as rape, then you could receive more in damages compared to repeated name-calling. Another component to consider is that you might not be able to charge anyone with harassment simply because you were on the receiving end of a few situations involving differential treatment even though it might have made you feel uncomfortable.

The harassing act can occur between people in the store who are the same sex or those who are of the opposite sex. You could also be a victim of harassment if you’re transgender or if you consider yourself non-conforming. Examples include making hateful statements because of the clothes that you’re selecting while at the store because you are transgender or an employee of the store touching you in a manner that is uncomfortable or not asked for and is of the same sex as you. You could also experience sexual harassment because you don’t fit with the expectations of your gender based on how the employees at the store feel.

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