Sexual Harassment in the Fashion Industry

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Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Fashion Industry

New York City is universally known as a mecca for the fashion industry. Even though there are thousands of women who work in the fashion industry in New York, this industry is still full of examples of men retaining the majority of leadership positions within companies. Even smaller companies are subject to this gender imbalance. This means that gender discrimination and sexual harassment are still significant concerns for employees in this field. Additionally, many models are targeted for sexual harassment beginning at a young age. They are often fearful of speaking up about their experience because of the risks to their reputation and job opportunities in the industry.

The talented team of gender discrimination lawyers at Leeds Brown Law in New York City zealously represent victims of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, retain Leeds Brown Law to protect your rights and recover.

Legal Protections Against Sexual Harassment in the Fashion Industry

Models and workers in the fashion industry are protected by the same local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws in the workplace as all other industry workers. Inappropriate touching, lewd sexual comments, pay disparity based on gender, demands for sexual favors and threats of retaliation for complaints are all commonplace in the fashion industry. Victims of sexual harassment are often faced with worrying about their career potential if they choose to speak out against sexual harassment.

Working with a trusted sexual harassment attorney can alleviate some of the concerns about facing retaliation for complaining about illegal behaviors. Sexual harassment that involves unwanted touching or abuse could result in a criminal investigation against the offender. It is important to remember that criminal investigations involve a higher threshold for evidence than filing a civil claim. Although a criminal case may result in charges being dropped against the offender, the victim may still be successful in recovering on a civil claim.

Seeking Damages for Sexual Harassment in the Fashion Industry

You may be in a complicated situation of not being an employee in the fashion industry. Many models tend to be hired as independent contractors for companies. You should discuss your employment situation with a knowledgeable New York sexual harassment attorney to find out what opportunities to recover for sexual harassment may be available to you.

Victims of sexual harassment may receive damages in the form of back pay or lost wages if they file a successful claim. The court will consider how much the victim would have earned if she would have been able to continue working without the harassing behavior. The court will also consider if a model was blackballed in the industry because of her complaint against an agency, photographer, stylist or another employer. The victim may be able to receive compensation to make up for the job opportunities that she likely missed out on due to filing the complaint.

Your case also may involve a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress. This means that the sexual harassment that you endured in the workplace caused serious psychological harm and affected the way that you live your life. An experienced sexual harassment lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case to determine whether you have a viable claim for this type of recovery.

Filing a Claim for Sexual Harassment in the Fashion Industry

Discuss your potential sexual harassment claim with an experienced gender discrimination lawyer in New York City to see what your options are for recovery. Working with a competent legal professional will ensure that you explore your possibilities for filing a sexual harassment claim and pursuing your case as well as protect yourself from retaliation. Call our office at Leeds Brown Law today at 866-728-5015 to set up your free consultation and protect your rights in the workplace.

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