Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry

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Media outlets often report on sexual harassment and retaliation problems in other industries. The irony of this isn’t lost on people who experience harassment within the media industry itself. This includes television stations, radio, magazines, newspapers and other publications. The problem is endemic, but the solutions available are always handled on an individual basis. This fosters a culture of permissiveness, and few media outlets have the sophisticated language available to report on this nuance.

Legal advocates are available for anyone experiencing sexual harassment in the media industry in New York City. Our experienced lawyers understand how to deal with high-profile offenders who often seek out young and attractive interns and employees only to put them in a vulnerable position. Legal recourse is available, so never hesitate to reach out if you’ve been sexually harassed in one of the media industries in the areas around Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding suburbs.

The Media Industry and Employer Liability

Many workers have a glamorous view of the media industry, so sexual harassment often comes as a terrible shock and disappointment. Many young people come to New York City in the hopes of establishing a career in one of the media industries located in this bustling city. In fact, this is an established pattern, and media executives understand how to exploit the hopes and ambitions of these young, inexperienced media industry hopefuls.

The problem with quid pro quo harassment is especially prevalent in an industry that routinely subjects its workforce to pressures related to their image. The personal appearance of a media industry worker has more importance than in many other fields, and this often opens up the door to abuses. Executives can pressure attractive workers into performing sexual activities in exchange for favorable working conditions, for example.

This is often seen as normal, but in reality, it’s against the law. Recovering from quid pro quo sexual harassment can be exhausting, humiliating and even enraging. The financial losses are just the beginning; the victim’s reputation is often tarnished in the process, and job loss is not uncommon. Having an experienced attorney to represent you in court can make a significant difference in your recovery from this abuse.

Leveraging Existing Laws Against Employers in the Media Industry

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes sexual harassment illegal under Title VII. However, this protection only extends to employees at companies that have 15 or more workers employed. The state and local laws offer additional protection to workers at smaller companies. You need to work with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer who knows how to apply the relevant legal codes.

This is also important when determining how to handle the daily confrontations that may occur before the case is litigated. This is an evidence-gathering period, and it can be crucial for establishing a claim. Work with a legal team that has experience assisting sexual harassment victims to collect documents, file claims and take other appropriate actions that will ultimately lead to a legal victory.

Protect Your Legal Rights

The legal team at Leeds Brown Law can provide you with accurate information, strategic advice and expert legal representation in the courtroom. We have an established track record of winning sexual harassment cases against powerful predators with unscrupulous ethical practices. Our services can help you to establish that the sexual attention was unwanted, for example. Furthermore, we can guide you through the difficult process of showing causation.

The court needs to be made aware of how the harassment caused tangible harm. Legal advice is necessary to establish this connection. Our legal assistance can also provide you with a basis of emotional support through this difficult time in your life. Once you recover damages, compensation or punitive awards, you can move on with the next stage of your life. We are ready to help you get there; contact Leeds Brown Law today for a free consultation.

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