Sexual Harassment in the Nightclub Industry

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Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality in the nightclub industry, and it’s something that has been going on for many decades. This has made it difficult for quite a number women to feel comfortable in these spaces, which can be seen in the low numbers of female club patrons (30%) compared to male club patrons (70%). It’s a huge problem, and some changes need to be made to stop it from happening. However, there are things that clubs can do to make their space safer and more welcoming for both men and women. We will discuss below some ways that nightclubs can do this.

Ways In Which Nightclubs Can Create A Safe Space For Both Men & Women
Nightclubs should have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. There would be no place in the club where this behavior is tolerated, and employees will not just ignore it because they don’t want to deal with drama.

Nightclubs should train all their employees to deal with these situations. Some will ignore it and not report the incidents because they don’t want any drama or attention. This is why training on handling sexual harassment professionally must be implemented for every employee at clubs so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. This training needs to include detailed information about what qualifies as sexual harassment, and they need to know how to respond to it appropriately.

Nightclubs should hire more female security guards. Studies show that women often feel safer when there is a woman present, which will make the patrons who are women feel more comfortable. This would be done to create an environment where everyone generally feels safe and welcome.

Nightclubs should make sure that all bathrooms are safe. This means having female security guards there at all times and creating an environment where women feel comfortable talking to them if something happens. It also means taking action against anyone who does misbehave in the bathroom by making sure they leave immediately or get ejected from the club.

Nightclubs should have clear rules about what is appropriate dress code. This means that certain clothes would be banned from the club to create a safe environment for everyone.

Nightclubs should make sure that there is always adequate lighting in the club so staff members can see people. This will help employees stay aware of situations where someone might be looking for assistance because they are being harassed or assaulted outside of the club’s view.

Nightclubs should create a buddy system. This means that if people are dancing and feel like someone is coming on too strong, they will have the chance to dance with their friends or at least find them for everyone to keep an eye out for each other at all times.

Nightclubs should have a plan in place for what to do if security is needed. This means that there are protocols in place so everyone knows exactly how the club will handle these situations and it’s not just left up to each employee.

Lastly, nightclubs should have a service that allows patrons to send anonymous messages to employees if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a situation. This will give them an easy way to discreetly call for help without having anyone know who sent it, and it also prevents other people from seeing what was written because not everyone can access this specific service.

The nightclub industry needs to make some changes because things can’t continue like this anymore. It’s time to step up and make a difference for the safety of everyone who visits their club.

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