Sexual Harassment Involving Doctors and Patients

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If you are in any kind of public environment, there are laws in place that prohibit sexual harassment. Some examples of sexual harassment include gestures or touching that is not wanted, any kind of comment that is sexual or derogatory, or threats. Almost any location where doctors work is often considered a public area. In the event that you have had an issue with a doctor who has committed an act that could be considered sexual harassment, you can contact an attorney who can offer assistance so that you can receive the proper compensation for any pain and suffering that you’ve endured and so that the proper level of justice is delivered to the defendant.

When you think of sexual harassment, you likely picture any kind of unwanted touching, jokes, statements that are made that are of a sexual nature, or violence that occurs involving a sexual act. If you are in the presence of a doctor and are touched in an inappropriate manner, groped, or assaulted, then you can talk to an attorney who can assist in filing the proper charges for sexual harassment involving a doctor and a patient. These acts are a violation of the New York City Human Rights Law and need to be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. Aside from the typical acts of sexual harassment that you think of, there are acts involving a doctor and patients that can be construed as harassment if the doctor treats anyone differently because of the person’s gender.

If you are a transgender patient, you are to receive the same treatment as other patients. If your doctor does not provide the same care as others, then a claim of sexual harassment can be filed. Doctors who make statements that are of an anti-gay nature or that are sexual in nature while you are in the office or in the doctor’s presence can also be classified as a violation.

One of the rights that you have is to use a bathroom for a single-sex as well as other facilities just as other people do in the building you’re visiting. You are also entitled to use various programs pertaining to your own gender no matter which sex you were at birth and no matter what you look like or what your medical history states. A doctor would be in violation of the laws of the state if comments are made about your gender or if the doctor tries to forbid you from using facilities that are associated with your gender.

If you are the victim of sexual harassment by a doctor, then the doctor can be sued for the actions committed. Your attorney can also bring other charges against the doctor including battery and emotional distress. These are charges that can often result in higher compensation for damages that you could receive when you go to court. Doctors who make the decision to aid another doctor who commits sexual harassment of this nature can be charged as well. The employer of the doctor can also be held responsible, especially if the employer knew that the harassment was taking place at the time and did nothing to stop it from happening.

You need to report any kind of sexual harassment to the state medical board, police officers, or an attorney who can help you file the proper charges in order to put a stop to the harassment that is taking place. At times, the reports that are made can be considered a crime if they are severe in nature or if they have taken place over an extended length of time, especially if more patients step forward.

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