Sexual Harassment of Massage Therapists by Bosses and Customers

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Sexual Harassment of Massage Therapists by Bosses and Customers
Are you a massage therapist or thinking about getting a job as an escort? If so, watch out for sexual harassment from bosses and customers. A new study shows that there’s been a rise in the rates of sexual violence against massage therapists within their workplaces. This trend is increasing in the massage industry thanks to wealthy customers and bosses who are used to getting their way.
Massage Therapists Stereotypes
Massage therapists have long had a reputation for being easy targets of sexual harassment. They’re hired due to their supposed sexual expertise, so they’ve often been viewed as sexually available by the same status quo that often views female sex workers as “sluts” and “whores.”
Sexual intercourse: a process in which the penis is inserted into the vagina, and one of the partners move their hips to thrust in and out repeatedly. This is certainly not what we mean by massage therapy. However, both female and male therapists commonly report sexual harassment from bosses who demand sexual favors as either part of their job or as a condition for employment. Thus, it’s not surprising that some therapists are turning to prostitution to pay their bills.
Data Report
The sexual harassment of massage therapists is more common than you might think. A recent study reported by ABC News showed that 25% of women who work in the massage field had faced sexual violence at some point during their career. The worst part is that over 70% of the sexual violence reported by massage therapists occurred within their own workplaces! That means not only are customers sexually harassing massage therapists but so are bosses!
This study was conducted by the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), a trade group with nearly 30,000 members. The study shows that sexual harassment is a systemic problem within the massage profession itself and not just something that happens outside of work. Of course, many people would expect customers to be the primary perpetrators of sexual violence against therapists.
The perpetrators
Surprisingly, bosses were the leading source of sexual harassment reported by massage therapists. In fact, out of those who experienced sexual violence in the workplace, 62% of them were harassed by bosses.
Surprisingly, out of those who experienced sexual violence in the workplace, 62% of them were harassed by their bosses!
Some massage therapists even reported being sexually assaulted at work by customers. However, that type of sexual harassment is less common than harassment from superiors. Also, it’s worth noting that the study’s findings only reflect the experiences of ABMP members who responded to their surveys. Therefore, we can’t say with certainty how common sexual violence actually is within the massage industry as a whole. However, this new report does shed some light on what kinds of risks female and male therapists alike face in this profession.
In conclusion, working in the massage industry can be a sexually hazardous place for women and men alike. Customers aren’t the only ones who are guilty of sexual harassment. Bosses, too, often try to force their employees into performing sexual favors out of desperation or even coercion by threats of termination.

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