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As a prestigious employment law firm, we at Leeds Brown Law are revered as leaders in our industry. Our merit is evidenced by our impressive settlement rates and portfolio of satisfied clients. Far more than fancy stats and industry recognitions, we’re a firm of keen devotion. We dedicate ourselves to victims of work-related sexual harassment in hopes of instilling justice in the workplace. Of the many areas of law that we practice, sexual intimidation is among one.

What Is Sexual Intimidation?
Think of sexual harassment as a machine with various cogs in it. Sexual intimidation is one facet that makes this wheel tick. In essence, sexual intimidation includes behavior or comments that are intended to undermine others. Most importantly, these remarks are sexually inappropriate and offensive. Though it’s presumed that sexual intimidation can only occur between members of the opposite sex, same-sex sexual comments are common and equally as impermissible in the workplace.

What’s more, these instances don’t have to transpire between a superior and subordinate to qualify as sexual intimidation. Even those of the same professional ranking can engage in this form of sexual misconduct. Patently vulgar and indelicate behaviors are unacceptable in professional settings, and they can manifest themselves in various ways. Here are some common examples of sexual intimidation in the workplace.

  • Demeaning jokes
  • Invasion of personal space
  • Requests for sex
  • Conduct that contributes to a hostile environment
  • Emails that contain sexually explicit language
  • Sexually suggestive gestures
  • Sharing crass images and videos
  • Gifting sexual items
  • Repeated attempts to socialize outside of work

The Law Serves To Protect You
New York state law maintains that gender discrimination is unlawful in the workplace. The New York Human Rights Law protects victims of sexual assault, claiming that anyone found responsible for sexual misconduct is liable to suffer legal ramifications. Similarly, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits all forms of gender inequality. With that said, if you’ve been exposed to sexual intimidation, you’re entitled to compensation.

If you believe that you’ve been a victim of sexual intimidation, document all occurrences of these workplace transgressions. These records will prove beneficial while developing a case. Any incidents of misconduct are worth noting, including inappropriate emails, unsolicited sexual advances, and unwanted physical contact.

We’ll Advocate For You
At Leeds Brown Law, we don’t take these matters lightly. We subscribe to the notion that sexual harassment is intolerable. It’s for this reason why work so dutifully to defend our clients. As strong proponents of gender equality in the workplace, we find crude behavior like sexual intimidation deplorable. If you’ve been faced with these unfortunate circumstances, allow us to help. We provide confidential services that ensure your safety and keep your best interest at heart. Our clients find great comfort in our courteous and discreet approach to these affairs.

Contact Us Today For Quality Legal Representation
Grasping the dynamics of sexual harassment cases is challenging at best. With our industry insight and decades of experience, we make it look easy. There’s no sense in soldiering this battle alone when you can have a team of trusted professionals in your corner. We’re eager to partner with you and provide you with the justice that you deserve. If you’re reluctant to bring these issues to light, don’t fret. We’ll keep your case close to the vest so as not to attract unwanted attention. In fact, when you give us a call, we offer a confidential case evaluation. Contact us today to receive your free consultation.

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