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Overcoming Sexual Misconduct In The Workplace
Headquartered in New York, we at Leeds Brown Law are a well-oiled team of employment lawyers seeking justice for victims of work-related sexual harassment. Distinguished, proficient, and professional, we have what it takes to help our clients reclaim the dignity that was robbed of them. Sexual assault comes in many forms, with sexual joking being among the most common. If you’ve been the butt of sexual jokes, you’re eligible to receive compensation. At Leeds Brown Law, we offer case evaluations that are discreet and complimentary. Call today for your free consultation.

Recognizing Sexual Jokes
While lighthearted remarks are appropriate in the workplace, lewd behavior is not. Unfortunately, this line is blurred for most. Crossing over into crude territory is a no-no and can result in a hostile environment. Sharing crass jokes, commenting on someone’s attire, and entertaining sexual fantasies are all forms of sexual harassment. When it comes to workplace humor, it’s easy to identify what’s professional and what’s not. Here are some common instances of sexual joking.

  • Sexual teasing
  • Offensive gestures
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Sexual references
  • Derogatory phrases
  • Talking about your sex life
  • Gag gifts including sex toys
  • Unwelcome sexual stories
  • Bringing up sexual topics

These examples of sexual joking are prevalent in office settings. If you’ve experienced or borne witness to any of the above, you need to speak up. Our legal professionals are here to walk you through the process and provide unmatched guidance. With our industry insights and years of experience, we’re equipped to navigate these otherwise tricky waters. Meekness and sexual misconduct don’t go hand in hand. With that said, it’s critical to seek legal counsel when sexual joking surfaces in the workplace.

Understanding How You’re Protected
There are laws in place to protect against sexual harassment. The New York Human Rights Law and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are among a couple. These regulations explicitly state that those who practice gender discrimination are liable to suffer legal consequences. At Leeds Brown Law, we ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, many are afraid to employ legal services when sexual harassment rears its ugly head. In most cases, victims feel as though the sexual jokes that were made towards them were too trivial to be declared as sexual harassment. This notion is patently false. Sexually suggestive remarks and jokes are verbal forms of sexual assault and shouldn’t go unaccounted for. Speak with one of our representatives if you’ve been exposed to this unjust behavior.

Consult Our Attorneys Today
Contact our experienced team if you’re looking for guidance on how to grapple with these issues. These affairs are no doubt tricky to a layman, but with our counsel, we simplify matters. We specialize in various areas of sexual harassment, with sexual joking being one field we’re well read in. We’ve helped numerous clients recover substantial compensation, and our high success rates speak for themselves.

If you reside in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, give us a call today. Our employment lawyers uphold world-class customer service and possess a wealth of insight. Your free consultation allows us to get a feel for your case and determine the next best course of action. Discover how easy it is to obtain justice when you make us your trusted legal source.

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