What are Reasonable Accommodations for Anxiety?

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Anxiety And The Workplace

Anxiety can make it a lot more difficult to work. You may find that the racing thoughts and physical symptoms that you experience can cause you to make mistakes at work. There may also be days when you do not feel like going to work because of your anxiety. The good news is that the American With Disabilities Act requires your employer to make reasonable accommodations for you.

What Type of Reasonable Accommodations Can Be Made?

The specific accommodations that can be made will largely depend on the type of job that you have. The following things can be classified as a reasonable accommodation in the workplace.

Schedule Adjustments

If you have to take time off from work so that you can see your therapist or doctor, then your employer can allow you to work a more flexible schedule. For example, your employer can allow you to come in work early on the days that you have to see a doctor or therapist. Your employer may also allow you to come in later and stay later if your medication causes you to sleep in.

Allow to Have A Private Space

People who have anxiety often feel better when they are allowed to have some space to themselves. That is why your employer can allow you to have a few minutes in a private space per day. Additionally, your employer can allow you to work in a quieter area if you have problems concentrating because of news.

Support Animal

There are some workplaces that will not allow you to bring any animals into the building. However, if you have a support animal, then you may want to ask if it is okay for them to accompany you during the workday.

How to Ask for an Accommodation Letter

You have to talk to your employer about the accommodations that you have. It is best for you to get an accommodation request letter. There are templates that you can find online. It is also a good idea to have medical documentation to support your request.

The more specific that your letter is, the more likely you are to get approved. You need to discuss the specific job tasks that you have problems with and why you need help doing your job. You should also list the accommodations that you need.

This letter needs to be given to your Human Resources manager. You should follow up with the HR manager in a week in order to see if your accommodation requests were granted.

What to Do If Your Request is Denied

It is a good idea to get in touch with an employment lawyer if your request for a reasonable accommodation has been denied. Your attorney can tell you which steps you need to take. They can help you make adjustments in your request for an accommodation. They can also tell you whether you have been a victim of discrimination. Furthermore, your attorney can make sure that your rights in the workplace are protected.

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